CCTV Surveillance
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At Aquila we not only choose the right CCTV Camera (Color / monochrome, Indoor / Outdoor, Day / Night vision, Constant lighting level / Variable lighting environment, fixed / variable focal length, fixed location / Pan, Tilt & Zoom) but also advice the best recording compression technique or backup media, Duration of recording or multi access viewing at multi locations

- Standalone Solutions
Basic level of surveillance of your standalone premises.

- Networked Solutions
For multi location viewing of CCTV footage live or recorded, local or remote viewing over internet / LAN / WAN.

- Traffic / Highway Monitoring
Traffic monitoring and recording of moving vehicles at high speed.

- Public Area Surveillance
Keep an eye on individuals in a crowd. Applications include Hotel or Lift lobbies, Airports, Railway Stations, Shopping malls, Places of worship, Auditoriums, Markets or any other public Areas.

- Optic fiber based IP systems for vast establishments
Overcome huge costs or distance limitations of cabling for vast establishments like Airport Terminals, Ports, Mines, Industrial facility or any vast establishment.

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